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Want to Be a Regional Councilor???

January 21, 2010

NSSLHA is currently accepting applications for

  • Regional Councilor
    A regional councilor is a student who acts as a liaison between the chapter presidents, advisors, and members in his/her region and the NSSLHA Executive Council. A regional councilor represents the interests of all NSSLHA members and local chapters within a given geographic region. Primarily, a regional councilor communicates with chapter presidents and advisors via e-mail and newsletters.
  • Member-at-Large
    The Member-at-Large will be selected from the alternate field of study as the President-elect and shall serve a one-year term during the President’s term. The Member-at-Large shall serve on the alternative ASHA Advisory Council as the President. The Member-at-Large will be a voting member of the Executive Council, and fully participatory on NSSLHA Committees and by presidential appointment. The position is not exclusive to a particular field of study but audiology students are encouraged to apply.

Applications for Regional Councilor and Member-at-Large will be accepted until February 10, 2010. Each positions’ term will begin July 1, 2010. Applications will be reviewed at the Spring Executive Council Meeting February 26–28, 2010.

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